“The ‘currency of the future’ is dragging us into the past when it comes to the urgent battle to save the climate,” said EWG President Ken Cook

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin use a software code, proof of work, that require the use of massive computer arrays to validate and secure transactions. Based on estimates by the University of Cambridge, these currently use as much electricity in a year as Greece, Sweden or the Netherlands. Yet bitcoin’s electricity use is expected to grow, which increases along with its price.

The campaign website, Clean Up Bitcoin, lets the public join the campaign.

Statement from EWG President Ken Cook: Change the code, not the climate: The campaign to clean up bitcoin
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Why is EWG talking about cryptocurrency and climate change?

It’s no secret we’re living through a period of unprecedented and catastrophic climate change. And every day, serious problems from the crisis become more apparent.

The climate catastrophe affects almost every aspect of our life. EWG is talking about cryptocurrency because how we create it can have a significant impact on the climate.