Toxic chemicals in our daily life can harm reproductive health 

People are exposed to toxic chemicals through the air they breathe, water they drink, food they eat and consumer products they use every day. All of these exposures can have a harmful health impact.  

Chemicals like PFAS and phthalates can affect children, so their reproductive health is compromised when they’re older.  

These chemicals can cause thyroid disruption, preeclampsia, harm to sperm, and low birth weight. 

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Mapping the PFAS contamination crisis: New data show 2,858 sites in 50 states and two territories

The extend of American communities' confirmed contamination with highly toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS continues to grow at an alarming rate.

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What are endocrine disruptors?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are all over the place. There are thousands of these chemicals – and they’re lurking in our food, food packaging, household cleaners, beauty products, water, and even in our furniture and dust.

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