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How to protect kids during the EPA’s Children’s Health Month

The Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating national Children’s Health Month, with tips for shielding kids from potential health harms caused by lead contamination, pesticides on produce and...

How to make climate change a priority in the next farm bill

Next year, Congress will renew the farm bill, which provides funding to our farmers and ranchers. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, annual spending by the Department of Agriculture on farm...

Disparities in exposure to chemicals with links to weight gain

In addition to changes that make our lives more sedentary and perhaps also shifts in genetic makeup, the sharp increase in obesity and overweight we are seeing may be caused by far more exposure to...

Flawed WHO report on ‘forever chemicals’ fails human health, EWG scientists find

A draft World Health Organization analysis of the two most notorious “forever chemicals” disregards hundreds of health risk studies, claiming there are too many uncertainties to calculate a safe...

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors

For almost four decades, the U.S. has recognized October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to spotlight the disease and funding for research on breast cancer diagnoses, treatments and prevention.

Not so sweet: Study shows artificial sweeteners’ health harms

Whether it’s yogurt, bread, soda or thousands of other widely consumed products, your sweet treat might lead to a not-so-sweet health problem. If the label says “reduced sugar,” it could contain...

Dow, 3M and others likely exploit loophole to avoid reporting ‘forever chemicals’ releases

At least five facilities around the U.S. operated by Dow Chemical, 3M and other companies are using very large amounts of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS but are likely using a regulatory...

Turn over a new leaf: Ditch your salad's harmful chemicals with healthier dressings

Salad is the original health food, full of vitamins and nutrients and ideal for a healthier lifestyle. Just beware of dressings containing chemicals that could do more harm than good.

How the White House can make digital assets more energy efficient

Digital assets that rely upon a process known as “proof of work” use a lot of electricity.

Dogs still not safe from toxic algae blooms in 2022

EWG’s annual tracking of algae bloom news reports finds more than 400 stories already this year, and further proof that toxic algae can be deadly for dogs.

Pregnant with PFAS: The threat of ‘forever chemicals’ in cord blood

The developing fetus faces a threat from the harmful “forever chemicals” known as PFAS in their umbilical cord, a new Environmental Working Group science review finds.

Why is EWG talking about cryptocurrency and climate change?

Climate change affects almost every aspect of our life. EWG is talking about cryptocurrency because how the industry generates new cryptocurrency and validates those transactions can significantly...

Chemicals in our food may be contributing to weight gain

It’s no secret rates of overweight, obesity and other metabolic diseases are skyrocketing. And food is a big part of the problem, though not in the way you might think. It isn’t just how many calories...

EWG VERIFIED™ Baby Diapers: Filling the gap when regulators fail to protect our most vulnerable

European regulators have rejected a proposal to restrict a handful of harmful chemicals in baby diapers, yet again showing basic government failures abroad and in the U.S. to protect our most...

We must expand – and reform – the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program

It’s good news the Inflation Reduction Act will invest $20 billion to reward farmers when they take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Survey: Safer baby diapers are more important than ever

To clean up the baby diapers available in the marketplace, EWG surveyed more than 1,800 parents and caregivers to better understand what they know about diapers and what they want from these products.

What they’re saying about the EPA designation of ‘forever chemicals’ as ‘hazardous substances’

On August 26, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed designating the two most common toxic “forever chemicals” – PFOA and PFOS – as “hazardous substances” under the Comprehensive Environmental...

Federal facilities should offer more plant-based or vegetarian options

Fewer than half of federal facilities surveyed routinely offer a plant-based or vegetarian entree option, and many of those options provide limited nutritional benefits, EWG has found.

'Forever chemicals' disclosures at heart of California battle championed by public agencies and public health advocates

A broad coalition including EWG and other clean water and public health advocates are banding together to call for new disclosure requirements for manufacturers bringing into California the “forever...

Honeywell moves to introduce more PFAS into your home

While the PFAS-contamination crisis threatens U.S. public health and the environment, the North Carolina–based company Honeywell has begun marketing new uses for its trademarked “forever chemicals,”...

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